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Survival Manual for Women in Divorce
By Edwin Schilling III, JD and Carol Ann Wilson,
Certified Financial Divorce Specialist

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Easy to use question & answer format

185 questions and answers about your rights and: common property, child custody, alimony & debt, child support, retirement benefits, and much more!

"This book fulfills the need for an easy-to-understand overview of the divorce process--an invaluable aid in entering the world of divorce."
--Barbara Stark, Attorney, Member of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

What You Will Learn

  • Three secrets to finding the right attorney (and avoiding the wrong ones)
  • Your husband's greatest "hidden asset"
  • Inside the courtroom: what to expect
  • Why it may not be fair for the wife to get the house
  • Three ways to find out your husband's pension value
  • A simple alternative to paying taxes on your retirement award
  • The real story on child support payments and visitation rights
  • Five key factors the court will consider when granting child custody
  • Four documents to bring to your first attorney meeting
  • PLUS five state-by-state charts outlining your specific legal rights and much more!

About the Authors

Carol Ann Wilson, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Financial Divorce Specialist, is widely recognized as an expert in divorce planning. Wilson works as a predivorce financial consultant and expert witness in court. Ms. Wilson is the developer of a computer software program which is widely used by attorneys and financial planners to calculate financially equitable agreements. In 1993, she founded the Institute for Certified Divorce Planners to train attorneys, CPAs and financial professionals in the financial issues of divorce. Currently, she is President of the Financial Divorce Association, Inc. Wilson is the author of The Financial Advisor's Guide to Divorce Settlement and coauthor of The Survival Manual for Men in Divorce, Dollars and Sense and ABC's of Divorce for Women.

The law offices of Edwin C. Schilling III (JD, CFP®) advises attorneys and individuals nationwide on the valuation and division of retirements incident to divorce. He has consulted on over 2500 cases in all 50 states and has testified in over 100 trials in 27 jurisdictions across the nation. Schilling has testified before Congress on retirement division legislation and has presented over 100 programs on the complex issues of divorce law. He is the coauthor of The Survival Manual for Men in Divorce and Dollars and Sense in Divorce, and has published numerous articles for professional journals.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Getting Started
Filing/Location/Grounds/Waiting period/Mediation/Court orders/The trial/Maiden name

Chapter 2 - Separation Agreements
Basic guidelines/Enforcing/Modifying

Chapter 3 - Property
Separate/Marital/Dividing/Career assets/The house/Life insurance

Chapter 4 - Pension and Retirement Plans
Vesting/Valuing/Dividing-QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order)/IRAs

Chapter 5 - Maintenance and Alimony

Chapter 6 - Child Support

Chapter 7 - Child Custody
The decision/Changing/Visitation/Kidnapping

Chapter 8 - Debt and Credit Cards
Who pays/Bankruptcy

Chapter 9 - Insurance
Health insurance/COBRA/Car insurance/Life insurance

Chapter 10 - Social Security
Qualifying/Effect of divorce/Effect of re-marriage

Chapter 11 - Lawyers
Separate/Marital/Dividing/Career assets/The house/Life insurance

Chapter 12 - Tax Issues
Filing status/Child care credit/House payment

Chapter 13 - Individual Retirement Accounts

Appendix A - Checklist: Final Divorce Decree
Appendix B - Checklist: Information to Gather for Attorney
Appendix C - Alimony/Spousal Support Factors
Appendix D - Custody Criteria
Appendix E - Child Support Guidelines
Appendix F - Grounds for Divorce and Residency Requirements
Appendix G - Property Division

Resource list

ISBN: 9780840397874
Product ID: B004

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