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Radio Interviews

Years ago when I was first starting my divorce business which was promoting an unusual approach to creating more fair settlements in divorce, I was constantly called by the media for interviews. I was written up in dozens of magazines and newspapers. And I was asked to be a guest on radio shows. One time we were preparing to “go live” on radio and I glanced at the window to the adjacent room where a young man was introducing music and telling about the artist. The thing that caught my eye was that it looked like he was making love to his mike. His eyes were half closed, he had a lazy smile on his face, and his voice was very seductive. I commented on this to my interviewer and she told me that on radio where the audience cannot see you, if you smile while you talk, it comes across more personal like you are talking to someone sitting in front of you. We experimented with that and tested a short bit with my talking in my business tone. Then we repeated it with me smiling while I was talking. The difference was amazing! It was a great lesson for me and I even applied it when I was speaking from a stage in front of 300 financial planners.  Thought for the Day: Compare what you are with what you have the potential to become.

My life is full of fun stories … truly, an Overcoming All Odds life I have led … and I’m ready to share it with you. Grab your copy today! Carol Ann Wilson Overcoming All Odds 720-600-5134

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