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Carol Ann’s new book!

This is my story…


Many of you are familiar with my books on divorce. This book is not about divorce. This book is about Carol Ann.

I have led a life filled with adventures and also pathos. The Universe kept sending me challenges and I just kept on keeping on. Meeting them head on and getting through them. One person asked, “What is your secret?”

I realized I had heard that question many times over the years from many people. Some of my stories will make you smile, and some may bring a tear or two.


The challenges I have faced—from the life-threatening chronic illnesses, surviving cancer, having my business stolen from me— not once, but twice—and having several of books that I authored plagiarized and stolen from me, dealing with the sudden and totally unexpected death of my husband … and much more—none of it … of them, kept me down.

Was my life’s story a story that touched others because it resonated with their own life experiences … or of those they knew and were close to? 

Are there things I learned in my nine decades that would help others? 

This we know … those who experience difficulties and trauma need to know that good things can come

This is My story.

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