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An often appealing and inspirational remembrance.

Kirkus Reviews

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This book tells the story of Carol Ann Wilson's life. She'd been tall for as long as she could remember, with a big foot to match. She was taller and smarter than other kids when she was a kid. She was in the same class as kids who were older than her at times because she was smart. She was raised by her parents. Because of her father's job, they rarely stayed in one place for long. As a result, she had no friends when she was younger. Despite her height, she was constantly bullied.

She shared everything from her childhood that contributed to her strength and shaped her into the person she is today. She wrote about her college days, meeting her husband, marriage, career, and children. She did not have an easy life, but she triumphantly scaled through it.  

Overcoming All Odds taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I learned that it is our reactions to situations that define us, not the situations themselves. I discovered that the only true end is death. Anything is possible as long as there is life. I learned that life will never be easy for us; all we have to do is keep fighting. This book contains a wealth of information.

I was puzzled as to how she remembered, but she later revealed that she kept a journal. In this book, the author discussed how she prayed and meditated for things like healing and breakthrough. I found no errors while reading this book. It was perfectly edited.

I can't think of anything I don't like about this book. It wasn't fiction, but rather true events. At one point, it all seemed too good to be true. But I've come to realize that how we respond to life's challenges is what matters.

Readers received a lot from this book. It provided words of encouragement, advice for difficult times, and tips for remaining calm in the face of adversity. I appreciate the author's inclusion of the God factor. This book deserves a
five out of five stars rating, and that is what I give it.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys nonfiction books. Those who are going through a difficult time should read it. This book is essential for anyone who is about to embark on a new chapter in their life. Finally, those who are recovering fro
m one of life's blows or another should read this book.

—Online Book Club Review (Bookshelves)

An incredible life story that you must read! Overcoming All Odds tells the heartful story of an amazing life. Carol Ann's tragedies of heart and health, constantly overcome through spirit, expectancy and perseverance is an inspiration to all who read it. I've known the author for years, but never realized all that she had done and how many lives she has touched. Through tears and laughter, I enjoyed every chapter!

Alan Gappinger


An Amazing Life! Your book came yesterday. I started reading it and could not go to bed until I had finished it. I was surprised at first by the title, but after having finished the book, I think the title is perfect. You have lived a fruitful, generous, creative, helpful life in spite of so many challenges that would have done the rest of in while we were still in our 30's!

—Kamalla M.


Today’s Truthiness…you cannot control what happens to you…you control how you respondThroughout Carol Ann Wilson’s nine decades of living, she has never, ever given up. At times, her life has been equivalent to a roller coaster ride. Many have asked how does she “do it”…whatever the “it” is. What’s your secret? What Carol Ann has is an abundance of the human spirit to thrive. To get up…take another step when bleakness has surrounded her. She has dealt with life-threatening chronic illnesses, cancer, business fraudsters, and tragedy. Each time, it was to take one more step…just one more. A survivor at beating the odds, her work has impacted millions. If you are looking for encouragement, Against All Odds is just the book for you. Highly recommended.

—Judith Briles


Is she the Energizer Bunny? Great book! What a life! Even though blessed with so many wonderful things in her life, she also had many hardships. She overcame them all with a positive attitude and determination. The sheer number of accomplishments in her life could fill 4-5 other people's life stories. I don't know how, but she kept going...and going...and going! Creating new life chapters and helping others so much with her determination and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I cried and I laughed at different parts. I was enlightened!


What a great read! Overcoming All Odds flows easily through the life of a woman who faced far more than her share of adversity.  But an overcomer she is facing odds that would force surrender by most of us.  Experience her life and be challenged to say: "I can do this!" 

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