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  • Carol Ann Wilson


Have you ever been in a Mastermind group? You may wonder what that is. I belonged to a Mastermind group for 15 years. There were always five or six of us and we met every Friday at 7am. It became our most important meeting of our week.

This group became our “Board of Directors.” We would bring our problems to the group to listen to their advice. We would strategize solutions and we would leave with some answers.

One common subject was “How do I handle this employee problem?” Then the rest of us would ask questions regarding the situation. Many times, the answer became clear after talking it through.

Another subject “Was why my client won’t follow my advice even though I know it is the best for him/her.” So, then we talk about why the client won’t listen. Is it being presented properly? Does the client understand the issues? Is your advice really the best for the client?

“I’m giving a talk to the Kiwanis Club and hope to get clients afterwards. Help me create a jazzy title for my talk that will grab their attention.”

“I’m thinking about developing a postcard to promote my new business. Is this the best way to get others’ attention?”

So, you can see the value of a group like this. It is especially helpful for entrepreneurs working on their own to create a new business.

How do you start a Mastermind group? Think about other business people that you admire and would welcome their advice. Many of them would welcome a group such as this. And the advice is Free! Their only commitment is to be there for every meeting. Just choose a time and place acceptable for everyone. It might be a coffee shop for breakfast, or someone’s conference room at their office.

Thought for the day: What would I do if I knew I could not fail?

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