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  • Carol Ann Wilson

Our Road Trip

Sonny asked, “Do you want to go on a road trip?”

“Sure! That sounds like an adventure!”

And an adventure it was.

Sonny collects vintage cars and he is always on the lookout for something that might interest him. This time, it was a 1975 Bronco located in Tucson. So, he said we would fly down and drive the Bronco back.

My daughter, Marie, lives in Tucson and her husband Louie is also mechanically inclined. So we called Louie and asked him to look over the Bronco. He did and said it looked like it could make the trip back to Longmont.

After Marie picked us up at the airport, Sonny and Louie took off to work on the car to fix some details.

That evening, it was dark when we headed back to our motel. Driving down a road that would take us back to I-10, the lights went out! On, off, on off, etc. every 3 seconds. What a fright for cars coming over the hill at 60 mph seeing a car with no lights!

The next morning before we could leave, Sonny had to buy a light switch and install it. He also disconnected the heater as it was hot and the heater wouldn’t turn off. No air conditioning. No rear view mirror. No seat belts. Had to open his door from the inside.

Finally on our way. Then Sonny didn’t like the way it was driving so at one of our gas stops, he got under the car and removed part of the transmission! He said it ran the 4WD and we didn’t need it.

After dark, when he put the lights on high beam, they went out. So, we had to drive to whole way on low beams.

Later while going down the road, something fell off the car. We turned around to pick it up. It was the cover for the catalytic converter. He just tossed in the back seat.

By this time, I am laughing so hard, I could hardly control myself! We finally made it home, safe and sound. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

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