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  • Carol Ann Wilson

Renaissance Women

A while back I talked about the Mastermind Group. It’s a little like Renaissance Women. The difference is that Mastermind is for people starting their business or needing help with building their new business.

Renaissance is about women who are at the top of their business. Powerful women. We had a hospital administrator, a book publisher, an online communications expert, and me – a nationally known divorce expert. From time to time, we would have a guest who would come for a month or two.

We would get together monthly at each other’s houses for dinner. We would laugh and cry at each other’s stories of events since we last saw each other. The wisdom that came from this group was amazing.

Being in the company of such women made me feel so humble.

Would you like to form your own Renaissance Women’s group? Think of all the women in high positions or who own their own business. Approach them with this idea. Some will claim they are just too busy. Don’t be put off. Go on to the next on your list. You will end up with the perfect group of people.

Good luck!

Thought for the day: Believe you can and you are halfway there!

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