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Sayings by Children

Do you save those adorable sayings by your children? I have several to share with you. These were made by my youngest daughter, Marie, when she was little. She is now almost 60!

At the beginning of the summer, Dad was going down the row of zinnias pulling out the weeds. And along came Marie right behind him pulling out the zinnias. When Dad realized what she was doing, he yelled at her. She cried, “But Daddy, I’m just helping you pull out the weeds!”

“Those aren’t weeds, those are flowers!”

“Well, they don’t have any flowers on them!”

One day, Marie came up to me and took hold of my left hand and asked, “Is this your left? I said yes and then she took hold of my right hand and asked, “And is this your wrong?”

We lived in Minnesota, and we belonged to the Methodist Church. One day I heard her telling someone that we went to the Methasota Church!

After Halloween, Marie was explaining how the candy works. “Dad was saying that if you eat too much, you’ll get sick, so if you just eat two, you won’t get sick, so I’ll just eat two.”

We were having a general scold session. I told Scott he didn’t wash the dirt off his forehead as I told him to. Then Dad told Scott to stop digging in a certain place. And he added, “And what’s the idea of climbing all over the car and getting it all scratched up and dirty?” Then he turned to Marie, “And that goes for you, too!” She looked at him wide-eyed and said, “I don’t have any dirt on my forehead.” We cracked up!

Marie told a friend that our dentist’s name was Menace the Dentist.

One of Marie’s friends had the mumps and she was telling everyone about her friend who had the pimples!

One year on Dad’s birthday, the kids decided to each give him one of their treasures. Marie decided to give him her frog. When Dad went to bed that night, he took the frog off his pillow and put it on Marie’s bed. The next morning, she said, “This is Daddy’s frog” and she put it back on his pillow. So the poor frog went back and forth several times. Dad didn’t really want to sleep with a frog, so we figured if we put it on her shelf in her bedroom, she won’t notice. But no, a few days later we find it hidden under the covers of our bed with everything all nice and smooth, so we don’t notice until we are climbing into bed.

Sometimes we just leave the frog on the floor beside our bed and then Marie will notice it and say, “Oops, the frog fell out!” and she’ll put it back on the pillow!

Doesn’t this just remind you of Art Linkletter’s famous phrase: “Kids say the darndest things!”

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make the best memories. Cherish every moment.

Carol Ann Wilson

Overcoming All Odds


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