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  • Carol Ann Wilson

The Hundredth Monkey

Have you heard about the Hundredth Monkey? True story!

It seems that years ago some anthropologists were on a South Sea island studying the primates.

They tossed out sweet potatoes onto the sandy beach for the monkeys who then picked them up and ate them.

A few of the younger monkeys took the sweet potatoes to the water and swished them through the water to wash the sand off before eating them.

Other monkeys watched this and started copying them. More and more monkeys started washing their potatoes before eating them.

Then a phenomenon occurred.

One morning, when the number of monkeys washing their potatoes reached 100, by nightfall all the monkeys on the island were washing their potatoes.

And what’s more, monkeys on neighboring islands who had no way of knowing about it, started washing their potatoes.

This has been verified over and over that when a certain percentage of a population reaches a certain awareness, a quantum leap is made into awareness everywhere.

Interesting, huh?

Sensible people are saying it’s impossible, but impossible things are happening every day!

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