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  • Carol Ann Wilson

The Sedona Vortex

The Sedona Vortex is a seriously amazing energetic phenomenon.

Sedona, Arizona has long been revered by many people as a sacred place because of its energy vortexes. But what exactly is the Sedona Vortex? Sedona is considered a sacred town full of consciousness-altering energy. Vortexes in Sedona are said to be powerful energy centers on the earth. These energy centers can’t be seen with your eyes, but are felt my many. They are called vortexes because the energy is said to be swirling, like a whirlpool. The Sedona Energy Vortexes are said to have a profound effect on human consciousness. There are several different energy centers (aka spiritual vortexes) in and around the Sedona area. While there are 7 “main” vortex sites, some people say there are hundreds. For this reason, the entire Sedona area is said to be one large vortex. It is said to be felt from miles away. Many years ago, my daughter Marie and I went to Sedona hoping to visit 4 popular vortexes and meditate at each one. We had visited three of them but still were unable to get into Boynton Canyon, which in a box canyon and was known to be the most dramatic and beautiful of the vortexes in the area. At some point someone decided to put a housing development in front of the canyon which closes it off to everyone and they even put a gate with a guard at the mouth of the canyon. Well, Sedona is filled with people who are into metaphysics. It just seemed to them to be an abomination—building all these homes and buildings in that area and scraping the land with their bulldozers and creating such a fuss and disturbing the Indian spirits. And what is interesting is that it seems that their big machinery kept quitting and breaking down and they couldn’t seem to finish their projects on time.

A friend told us how to get in past the gate so we could start hiking back into the canyon. The scenery was so dramatic that it seemed we stopped every 10 feet to take a picture during the mile and one half we hiked. We were in the midst of red rock walls up to 1,000 feet high all around us on all sides with areas scooped out. There was drama in the brilliant green and the brilliant red rocks and the brilliant blue sky. No movie set could have created what was in front of us! Marie found a place between the rock walls and sang a gospel hymn at full volume. It reverberated as it bounced back and forth between the walls. On our way out, a couple said it was so beautiful, it brought tears to their eyes. Don’t let your problems upset you – let them point you to something bigger and better! My life is full of fun stories … truly, an Overcoming All Odds life I have led … and I’m ready to share it with you. Grab your copy today! Carol Ann Wilson Overcoming All Odds 720-600-5134

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