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  • Carol Ann Wilson

Wind Power

A few days ago, Sonny and I left our winter in Arizona and headed back to Colorado. We were driving the motorhome and pulling a pickup. We had heard about the high wind warnings but we were anxious to get back so we started out. Just north of Las Vegas New Mexico, the winds really whipped up and stayed that way for several hundred miles. It threatened to push us off the road several times. Sonny had to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel at all times. We passed a truck and trailer blown off the road, which impacted traffic. We heard a bang on the roof so we pulled over to see what happened. Something hit the back corner of the motorhome and the wind tore it off. Sonny fixed it with duct tape. We passed another trailer which had blown off the road and was broken into pieces. Then we heard more loud banging on the roof so we pulled over again. The wind had found an open spot on the roof and was actually pealing our roof off!!! We could hardly believe it! Sonny spent almost an hour duct taping everything down until it looked like a mummy! It all reminded me of one time when we were heading down to Arizona in the same kind of wind. Between Denver and Trinidad, we saw six, that’s SIX, 18 wheelers blown off the road and lying in the ditch. Well, we got home safely after that, but it really brought to our attention the power that the wind has. Thought for the day: When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Overcoming All Odds Is An International Bestseller! Over the weekend my book had over 1000 downloads on Amazon and hit #1 in 10 categories in multiple countries.

My life is full of fun stories … truly, an Overcoming All Odds life I have led … and I’m ready to share it with you. Grab your copy today!


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